1 → Focus on the fun

Our best ideas come when we’re embracing play. Our deepest connections come from focussing on the fun, together.

2 → Collaboration is key

We believe in the power of collaboration. We use it to bring our community together and unleash our collective creativity.

3 → Power to the people

People have power when they work together. We make every decision with empathy to provide support to all creatives.

4 → Make things happen

Moving fast and making things is at the heart of what we do. We believe it’s the way creatives can change the world.

5 → Co-create always

This manifesto evolves with our community. Make your mark. Share below...

The only competition you have is the person you are today.

Shrut Kirti Saksena

Patience and grace.

Anna Messer

Beauty, Truth and goodness.

Larissa Brandao

Do what you want, because you can't if you don't.

Lizzie Howley

Believe in the why.

Hussain Chassa

Communication, Collaboration and respect.

Jack Cunningham


Simon Hamer

Love and care.

Nilay Patel

Make things happen

Michael D. Tromp

Trust that things will eventually work out. They always do.

Priyanka Khanijow

Curiosity, Compassion & Change

Adrian Forster

Staying true to myself, integrity

Rodrigo Blergh

Enjoy the ride, have fun and learn by your mistakes.

Rodrigo Blergh

Keep faith in your ideals, work with a plan and honesty. Respect those around you, your art and seize the opportunities given to you.

Filippos Fragkogiannis

Enjoy what you do and never work a day in your life.

Anton Wade

Connect & support. By uplifting and supporting each other we grow, and help others grow too.

Laura Bertinelli

Authenticity is contagious. Be your true self and connect with your tribe.

Himesh Patel

Follow curiosity, dance freely & dare to push out of grids.

Zie Kirk