6 week course

Starting 13 April


Harness the power of community to make your idea happen in 6 weeks.

Course overview

The problem isn't coming up with ideas. That's the easy part. Where most people struggle, is actually making their ideas happen.

This course is an action packed, practical guide to help you make your idea happen in just 6 weeks.

Have an idea for a project? Want to redesign your portfolio? Learn a new tool? Launch a podcast? Start a business??

Whatever your idea is, this course will give you the accountability, momentum, and creative juice you need to turn it into reality.

What's included

Collaborative workshops

All members will meet online each Monday to collaborate and help each other with our ideas (6.30-7.30pm GMT). All sessions and resources will be recorded and shared with everyone.

Weekly themes

From planning and creating a vision, to getting shit done and staying accountable. We'll power through weekly themes together.

Creative exercises

Each theme has creative exercises you can do in your own time or together with other members.

Accountability buddy

Get matched with an accountability buddy in the first week to keep each other in the game.

Idea launch party

We all come together to celebrate our progress and help each other to push our ideas into the world.

Your course leader

👋 Hello, I'm Anton — founder of Design Calendar and your course leader of Make Your Ideas Happen.

This course is the distilled knowledge, principles and mindset I've developed over the last 15 years of making mine and my clients ideas happen.

Ideas have the power to change the world. My mission with this course is to give you everything you need to make your own ideas happen.

I'm super excited to collaborate with you on this journey and can't wait to see idea you bring to life.

Have any questions?
please reach out to me here.

Ready to make your idea happen in 2023?

Join our 6 week intensive community course.

Price: £240 (Just £40 per week)