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Jack Cunningham
Art Director & Graphic Designer
Bridget Hoadley
Freelance Designer
Daniel Pardo
Digital Designer
Laura Bertinelli
Graphic Designer
Luisa Hilmer
Designer & Design Historian
Christy Wong
UX/UI Designer
Hong Kong
Abb-d Choudhury
Designer & Founder
Amanda Gann
Washington DC
Iñaki Serna
UI/UX Designer
Davide Biscuso
Product Designer
Camu Youngerman
UX Researcher
Frankie Morton

Interior Architect
Anton Wade
Product Designer
Teresa Ahern
Digital & Brand Designer
Himesh Patel
Product Designer
Emily Wang
Graphic Designer
Hong Kong
Erica Choi
Graphic Designer
Zie Kirk
Graphic Designer
Belen Picher
Visual Designer
Sara Caldes
UX/UI Designer
Tuca Silveira
Product Designer
Kevin Rooi
Designer & Illustrator

Make your ideas happen together

We don't just talk. We collaborate to turn our ideas into action and making a positive impact in the world. Everyone is welcome. Everyone has something to give.
GOBID19 — Online design auction to raise money to help those most vulnerable to the virus. Created by our community: Belen, Reyda, Federica, Moitaz, Anton.
NoJobsBoard — Helping designers find meaningful work and clients find creative talent that’s right for them. Created by our community: Maddy, Zie, Himesh, Erica, Reyda, Filipa, Emily, Lorenzo, Amanda, Anton, Ben.

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We connect through topics we care about and share our stories, knowledge and advice to help each other learn and grow.

Building an inclusive community, one creative at a time

Each and every member brings a fresh perspective to the mix. Making our community stronger and more diverse as we grow.
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Get together with creatives from the community, play games, chat shit and get to know each other.
Tap into your consciousness, explore problems you are trying to solve in this guided practice.
Meet other makers each week, talk about your ideas and make them happen together.
An event for juniors and seniors to meet, talk, learn and be inspired by each other.
Have fun learning how to prototype and battling against other members.
Get feedback on your ideas and designs from fellow creatives in our DesignCrit sessions.

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